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Smart Sensor

Motion Sensor

SM-AW601 Wi-Fi
SM-AZ601-A ZigBee
Transfer Protocol :WIFI
Wireless frequency:2.4GHz
Operating Voltage:4V-6V
examination range:Temperature and humidity near a fixed location
Operating current (reported) :80 mA (WIFI)
stand-by current :<100 uA
Battery life:6 months or more (1300mAh battery calculation)
Application area:Indoor use
Installation method :Paste or screw (combination structure)
Transmission distance:Indoor 10 to 30 meters, outdoor 30 to 50 meters 
 (For reference only, different application environments and transmission methods
  • Model SM-AW601  SM-AZ601-A
    Solution Wi-Fi ZigBee
    Chipset ESP8266 EFR32MG13P732
    Protocol 802.11b/g 802.15.4 PHY / MAC

    Human PIR Sensor Application Guide
    Product Overview
    Human PIR Sensor is a low-cost product solution based on ESP8266 module Whether this solution 
    can quickly help customers achieve mass production.
    Basic parameters

    Name: Human PIR Sensor
    " Support mobile phone system version: Andriod 4.0 or more; iOS7.0 or later
    1. Functional characteristics

    Item Instructions

     Monitor unintended movement in your room and upload alarm information             


     After the message push is enabled on the App, when it is detected that someone 
    passes, the cloud sends a push message to the mobile phone. Note: When the 
    contact triggers, the cloud pushes only one push.

    Electricity detection Battery charge report
    Linkage Add the product to be linked with the software (smart lamp and socket...). When 
    the infrared is touched, the added (smart lamp and socket...) is turned on or off in 
    a preset way.
    history record Support viewing 7-day history

    The use of instructions Indicator light
    project Instructions

    Item description
    Reset/restart  Red light goes out
    Distribution status:  EZ mode  Red flash
                                   AP mode  The red light flashes slowly
    Operating mode Red light goes out
    Data reporting Red flashes once 

    3. Data reporting frequency
    "Reporting frequency: Immediate detection of mobile body detection; reporting is not repeated within 1 minute."
    " Detection range: sensing angle 360 ​​degrees, sensing distance 5 meters
    4. Reset method
    Unscrew the bottom cover of the device. After long pressing the button 3S, the indicator light will flash several
    times. The reset is successful. You can use the mobile app to connect the product.

    5. Replace the battery
    Unscrew the bottom cover of the device to open the battery compartment and replace the battery. Please buy 
    CR123 battery with guaranteed quality
    Technical Indicators

    Item Description
    Transfer Protocol  WIFI
    Wireless frequency 2.4GHz
    Operating Voltage 4V-6V
    examination range Temperature and humidity near a fixed location
    Operating current (reported)  80 mA (WIFI)
    stand-by current  <100 uA
    Battery life 6 months or more (1300mAh battery calculation)
    Application area Indoor use
    Installation method  Paste or screw (combination structure)
    Transmission distance Indoor 10 to 30 meters, outdoor 30 to 50 meters  (For reference only, different application environments and transmission methods will cause some differences in the parameters) 
    Battery model CR123A X 2
    Physical switch   1
    LED  1
    Buzzer  1

    Environmental parameters and precautions
    " Working temperature: -10°C to 40°C
    " Relative humidity: -20 to 85%
    " Placement suggestions: Avoid placing in the smoke and water droplets environment such as 
      bathroom and kitchen
    " Installation method: expansion screw fixation
    Dimension:  packaging box: 
    80 x  80 x 70 mm/pc, 0.07KG/pc,  100pc/carton, 375 x 290 x 445 mm/carton 

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