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EU Smart Power Strip


Wi-Fi    SM-SO306-E1
ZigBee SM-SO306-EZ1 
Surge protector US 4 + 2 10A
* Fixed power: 2000W / USB
Total power: 12W / 5V 2.1A
* 4 outlets and 2 USB super charging ports
* 2000W output freeze
* Evil at all outlets
* Compact design, lightweight and portable
* Properly configured plugs and ports
* Includes 5 feet of group penetration. Power supply
* 12 month warranty and career overtechnology tote
* Wireless protocol: WiFi or ZigBee
* Radio frequency: 2.4GHz
* Wireless fan: 30m
* App: iOS / Android
* Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT
  • Model SM-SO306-E1W (White)
    SM-SO306-E1B (Black)
    SM-SO306-E1ZW (White)
    SM-SO306-E1ZB (Black)
    Solution Wi-Fi ZigBee
    Chipset ESP8266 EFR32MG13P732
    Protocol 802.11b/g 802.15.4 PHY / MAC

    *Multi Protection: fireproof material and overload protection ensure long durability and safety while using Small size but equipped with 4 outlets and 2 USB charging port for travel, home or office, provide a convenient power supply for notebooks and other Tabs Socket.

    Its built-in 334mm. power cord enables connection to a distant wall outlet, mini size saves space efficiently.

    *Power strip surge protector wall mount Support four simultaneous digital equipment supply. Intelligent USB Power: 2 USB Super Charging Ports with a MAX power output of 40W which can detect your devices and deliver the ideal charging speed up to 2.1 amps per port.Its built-in 334mm;

    * power cord enables connection to a distant wall outlet, mini size saves space efficiently

    *Compact Design for Worry-Free Portable Use Hotel rooms, airport terminals, and coffee shops never seem to have enough power outlets to handle all your devices at once. With Xenon Mini Surge Protector you no longer have to choose what to charge first.Your Safeguard - Surge Protector With 4 outlet surge protector, your PCs, peripheral devices and all electronics are under versatile protection against power fluctuations and electromagnetic line noise. It boosts 1700 joule energy rating provides standard protection for your basic electronic devices, with a total power output of 1650W. 2 USB Super Charger Let You Charge More Devices Easily.This surge protector features 4 Super Charging USB ports with a max power output of 12W, so you can easily charge your cellphone along with other USB devices. Its integrated intelligence charging technology enables the charger to deliver the fastest possible charge speed up to 2.1 amps per port.

    * Material: anti-fire ABS Material materials

    * Rated power: 2000W / USB Total Power: 12W /  5V  2.1A

    * 4 AC Outlets and 2 USB Super Charging Ports 

    * 2000W Output Rating 

    * Versatile protection on all outlets 

    * Compact design, lightweight and portable

    * Neatly arranged plug and ports

    * Includes built-in 1.45meter power cord

    * 12 months Warranty and lifetime technical support

    * Radio Protocol: Wi-Fi or ZigBee

    * Radio frequency: 2.4GHz

    * Radio range: 30 meter

    * Dimensions: 335 x 31 x 65 mm /pc, 

                              375 x 40 x 110 mm/color box

    * Weight: 0.66kg /pc with color box;  

    * Packaging box: 20pcs/carton;

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