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Latest News

The WiFi smart lock are available now

Time:2019-11-15 Views:2697
Wi-Fi     SM-SL708-WB
ZigBee SM-SL708-ZB
WiFi lock
* Universal lock cylinder: GB / Overlord lock body
* Working voltage: 4-6V (4 x 1.5V AAA battery)
* Power supply mode: 4 batteries,
Can use USB emergency external power supply
* Product Dimensions: 375*81*26mm 
* Applicable door type: stainless steel door / security door / copper door
1, sensor type: semiconductor fingerprint identification
2, material:  Aluminum alloy
3, color: Copper / Black / Amber Gold
4, fingerprint, password, proximity card, C-level key, temporary password
5. Number of users: 100 fingerprints, 100 passwords and 100 cards each
6. iOS/Android
7. Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT and AliGenie etc.
8. Powered by Tuya
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